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Manufactures of Roll Forming Machinery Equipment used for the steel metal forming industry


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Industrial Machinery News is dedicated to providing relevant industrial equipment information on products used in today’s manufacturing plants. Our focus on the roll forming industry and conveyor metal detector industry is founded on over 20 years of experience.

Our team has experience in many industry verticals covering almost every application. Firsthand knowledge of the installation, operational and technical requirements of these industrial products gives our readers the insight required to making the right decision. If you’re searching for application specific or manufacturer specific information on the rollforming industry or the metal detection industry go no further.

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Often manufacturing plants the world over purchase used equipment as a first step in the process of purchasing new. This trial stage often brings many hurdles not found when buying new. Manufactures of industrial equipment are often reluctant to help when you have bought the machine on the used market.

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The depth of our experience often helps first time users of these machines. This helping hand can help you start up quicker and often at a fraction of the cost for OEM service. Have a question, ask us. We will do our best to help you or direct you in the right direction.

Rollforming machinery how to and instructional articles

The roll forming industry has continued to evolve and provide new advancements in the forming of metal.  We strive to capture these changes as well general material handling concerns in the steel sector, automotive and building and construction.

Leading manufacturers of rollformers, such as Samco Machinery, have provided IMN with specific insight in to how best to form sheet metal.  These insights along with our research in to the processing and handling of steel rolled products provides our readers with quality information they need.

Over 20 years experience with Goring Kerr metal detection equipment

Not many companies can say they created a market, Goring Kerr is just one of those companies.  As the Ford in the metal detection industry they were the first to bring electromagnetic technology in to the modern factory.  With inline systems and automatic rejection devices they brought together a complete package that helped to increase production throughputs worldwide.