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Rollformer accessories for industrial roll forming machines


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Rollformer machines require a number of accessories in order to operate correctly.  These include material handling equipment on the front end of production as well machinery on the discharge.  Common auxiliary machines used within the rollforming process include  uncoliers, straighteners, flatteners, punch and cut-off presses, stackers and strapping machines.

Standard Rollformer Accessories

Uncoiler / Decoiler (Hydraulic Uncoiler)

One of the most common and typically mandatory accessories needed for any rollforming system is the uncoiler.  The uncoiler hold the coil of steel in such a way as to ‘feed’ the roll forming machine…Read More

Coil Straighteners and Flatteners

Preparing the steel coil for rollforming is extremely important for many formed parts.  If you are manufacturing parts that require precise tolerances or high quality… Read More

Rollformer equipment and machines

Common uses of rollformers

Some of the most common uses of a rollformer are the fabrication of building and construction products.  The mass production of steel framing components such as studs and track are manufactured with either a portable rollformer or industrial grade line.  Roll formers are also used to manufacture steel roofing and siding panels.  These panels are formed with common profiles for easy use and replacement.  Specialty roofing materials can also be used in the forming process.

Rollformer Service

The service and maintenance of your rollformer is critical to the overall performance.  Regular check ups and parts replacement will ensure that your fabrication process is ready for 24/7 production.  Simple lubrication and roller adjustments can help to prolong the life of your mill.  If you’re looking for a roll former service technician contact us today.

Another industry that utilizes roll forming technology is the automotive industry.  Automotive components such as bumpers, chair rails and chassis components are manufactured through this process.  For a more complete list of products check out our roll forming machine page.