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Uncoiler for master coil processing on roll forming machinesOne of the most common and typically mandatory accessories needed for any rollforming system is the uncoiler.  The uncoiler hold the coil of steel in such a way as to ‘feed’ the roll forming machine.  Although this may seem like a simple component to the overall operation of the line it is truly one of the most critical.  The alignment of the uncoiler with the roll forming base and roll tooling has a major factor on the ability to produce quality profiles.  Misalignment will result in skewed and warped parts.

Essential Uncoiler Machine Design Features

The uncoiler machine is designed to feed and control the flow of master coil steel in a roll forming equipment line.  The basic uncoiler design includes a stand and base with one or more mandrels.  The coil is placed on the mandrel and ‘rolled’ to the straightener and rollformer.  Advanced features include trans-versing bases that allow for easy alignment of the master coil and roll tooling.  This alignment is critical in overall part quality.  A small offset in the uncoiler machine can create many defects in the final metal profile.

Other options included in the uncoiler are hold down arms.  These arms literally hold down the coiled steel.  For obvious reasons they hold the steel down controlling the placement and ensuring operator safety.  As the coil is feed out from the decoiler or uncoiler the hold down arm continues to apply slight pressure to the coil.

With large heavy coils it’s key to have some sort of braking system.  Allowing a heavy coil to run free when the roll former has stopped can cause many problems.  Operators in the area can be put in a dangerous position as well machinery can be placed under extraordinary pressure while the coil continues to push the stopped line.  This pressure can cause the machinery to break or even explode.

Roll former uncoiler / decoiler system

The uncoiler has many features and configurations.  The most basic simply holds the oil in place and allows for free flowing circular movement as the rollformer pulls the steel coil.   Most operations purchase options such as hold down arms, powered drives and hydraulic braking systems to enhance the overall operation of the line.