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Aluminum roll forming machine


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Aluminum roll forming machine and material handling equipment Aluminum roll forming machine and material handling equipment

Roll forming machines are capable of forming a wide range of materials (including aluminum) gauges and strengths.  The specific requirements are needed during the design stage so that the roll tooling is engineered to withstand the specific sheet metal.

Aluminum rollforming equipment setup

Aluminum sheet metal coilsThe setup of all rollformers is basically the same however; special care must be taken with softer non-ferrous materials such as aluminum.  Non-ferrous metals have a more pronounced grain in the sheet.  This grain is very important during the bending and forming of the metal sheet.  As force is applied to the sheet the grain of the metal will either tare or snap.  Extreme care must be taken during this process in order to gently form the profile and avoid cracking and poor formation of the metal.

Pre-painted, galvanized and aluminum sheet metal

Many steel roofing products are manufactured with a finished surface, most commonly painted.  Like the forming issues faced when using soft metals in a roll former painted sheet metal can also be tricky.  The paint must be elastic enough to bend and shape in to the new profile.  If not cracking and chipping will occur as it passes through the rolling mill.

Roll tooling for painted sheet metal is another area of concern.  Making sure that the tooling is highly polished and gapped enough is extremely important.  If the gapping is not set correctly the paint will heat up and stick to the roller.  This in turn will peel or rip off the paint coating.

There are many roll formed products that are made from aluminum or other soft metails.  Some of the most common products are.

  • Steel roofing
  • Furniture components
  • Appliance skins and chassis components
  • Industrial conveyor parts
  • Solar racking components

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