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Automated strut channel packaging machine Automated strut channel packaging machine

Strut channel manufacturers can now produce completely automated bundled packages from coil to skid. A fully integrated packaging system channel struts can now be rollformed, nested, bundled and strapped ready for shipping. Purchased with a new roll forming line or as an add-on to an existing system the automated strut channel machine is versatile and simple to install. This new process gives strut channel manufactures high speed fabrication capabilities unlike any other. If you’re looking to manufacture strut accessories and fittings read on.

Automated packaging machine for manufacturing strut channels

Key benefits of roll forming strut channel parts

  • Product nesting with strut channel sizes from 13/16″ to 3 1/4″
  • Smaller mini bundles of 10 or less pieces
  • Automatic spacer inserts
  • Automated strapping
  • Ready to ship packaging
  • Lower labor costs
  • High speed fabrication

Strut channels consist of a large number of accessories and parts.  Commonly found in a strut installation are clamps, conduit mounts, pipe clamps and various fasteners.  The process of manufacturing all of these components ranges depending on their specific function.  The most common roll forming machine processes include metal stamping and rollforming.  Each process offers benefits in efficiency, quantity manufactured and part quality.  Most strut manufacturers incorporate all methods for bending metal in to the required shapes and profiles.  When selecting a machine manufacture weigh the cost of the overall equipment and product lifetime.  Some roll form machine manufactures engineer their systems to last 40-50 years.  This is typically unnecessary.  The initial cost outlay is far greater than the return on investment.  Part changes over the years and market shifts happen well before the 40 year life span of these overbuilt machines.

Strut channel rollforming machine

These key features can now help you deliver higher throughputs and higher part quality. Line integration is simple and quick. Engineered to fit most rollforming lines this system requires minimal installation space and electro-mechanical services. We ship worldwide to your location complete with installation instructions.

Contact us today for more information on the fully automated steel strut and aluminum channel nester and bundler system.







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