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CEE ZEE Purlin roll forming machine used in the manufacturing of steel girts and beams


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One of the most common building components is the steel purlin or girt.  Its function is critical to the integrity of any building project. The process to roll form steel purlins and girts is simple on the outside but requires some very specific equipment.

What to look for in a girt, purlin rollformer machine

CEE ZEE Purlin Roll Forming Machine for making girtsThe forming process for making C and Z purlins is very much like any other metal forming process.  The key differences are the material thickness or gauge.  Forming thicker material presents new and different challenges for the rolling mill.  The material handling machinery also requires attention for this type of product.

Key considerations for a purlin rollforming machine

  1. Roll tooling material type
  2. Tooling stand design and construction
  3. Mill base design
  4. In-feed material guides
  5. Drive system – direct or belt
  6. Sheet metal lubrication

When purchasing a new or used roll former you must always consider the application it is designed for.  Although the process is basically the same the equipment designs can be significantly different.  This especially holds true when manufacturing purlins with a rollformer.

Equipment consideration for material handling of purlins and girts

The typical line speed for a C/Z purlin girt line is relatively slow the material handling requirements are anything but standard.  These large heavy building components require some special handling prior to the rollformer and after the mill.

Heavy material uncolier machine

The very nature of the purlin requires everything to be heavy duty.  The uncoiler machine is where it all starts.  The heavy steel coils require substantial design enhancements to the spindle, drive system braking equipment and coil hold down arms.  The most common configuration is to have hydraulic powered units with large heavy duty hold down arms.  This is largely to control the movement of the coil as it’s being formed.

Material handling conveyors

On the discharge side of the rolling mill the take away conveying system also requires some special design considerations.  A common purlin (or girt) weighs hundreds of pounds and is very long.  The roll out conveyor must be built with an extra strong stand and roller bearings.  Everyday use will take its toll on any conveyor system and is well worth the time to design correctly.


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