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Curve bending machine and curve bending rollformer
Often curve bending machines are used to form metal strips in to round curve shapes.  This process is used throughout the metal fabrication sector and can be seen in a wide range of commercial and consumer products.  The process is quite simple and is often seen as a low... Read more
Automated strut channel packaging machine
Strut channel manufacturers can now produce completely automated bundled packages from coil to skid. A fully integrated packaging system channel struts can now be rollformed, nested, bundled and strapped ready for shipping. Purchased with a new roll forming line or as an add-on to an existing system the automated... Read more
Aluminum roll forming machine and material handling equipment

Advancements in non-ferrous aluminum roll forming machines increase quality outputs. Specialized roll tooling eases pre-painted sheet metal through the forming mill reducing scuffs, scratches and peeling.

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Rollforming equipment manufacturers delivery new technologies to the sheet metal fabrication industry.

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Consider all the elements that go in to the cost. The bottom line isn’t the salesmen’s quotation, it’s just the start. Consider things like the sheet metal specification and availability of this in your region. Forming machines are designed to produce parts based on the material specifications. Changing your steel coil changes the profile spec, this ends up to be a cost to you.

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Dreistern automotive roll forming technologies reduce part weight and cost

Dreistern’s automotive rollforming systems incorporate a range of technologies to address these needs. Their forming machines for the auto sector are capable of producing parts made of high strength steel and very high strength steel.

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This video of a heavy gauge forming machine illustrates the complexity of bending steel in to the common highway w-beam railing. Highway guardrail suppliers rely on these industrial grade machines to manufacture a range of barrier designs and profiles. The more common guardrail requirements are included as a standard feature in many rollforming machines.

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There is a growing trend in today’s market to switch to high-strength steel when forming parts. This movement obviously generates new challenges in the high speed rollforming industry. The traditional roll forming machine has always worked at slow speed in order to minimize the changes made the the steel at a molecular level.

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Roll forming machines can offer exactly that. Low cost production and innovative designs. When building ECO friendly homes it’s important to look at the complete spectrum of requirements. Common construction techniques utilize wood framing as a means to being green.

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The top features found in many of the worlds leading rollforming manufactures have set the standard throughout many industries.  Some of the more common features in a well built roll forming machine start with basic engineering.  It's very true that you get what you pay for and with this... Read more