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Curve bending machine and curve bending rollformer Curve bending machine and curve bending rollformer

Curve bending rollformerOften curve bending machines are used to form metal strips in to round curve shapes.  This process is used throughout the metal fabrication sector and can be seen in a wide range of commercial and consumer products.  The process is quite simple and is often seen as a low cost almost commodity based product.  Some roll forming machine manufactures offer solutions for curve bending rollformers but one has to ask if this is the right path to take.

Curve bending rollformer costs vs. traditional bending machines.

The process of rollforming lends itself to high cost large scale industrial equipment.  When considering a curve bending rollformer over the common curve bending machines one must consider the ROI for this investment.  Producing low cost parts that are often those manufactured in the curve bending process processing costs become extremely important in overall scope.  As with all industrial machinery maintenance is always a hidden and often forgotten cost.  It’s fair to say that the larger the machine (i.e. roll forming equipment) the higher the operating costs.

Cost considerations of curve bending rollformer

  1. Floor space
  2. Setup time
  3. Replacement parts
  4. Cost savings per part
  5. Lifetime of production
  6. Training

All of these cost elements are important when comparing the cost of purchase for a traditional curve bending machine and a curve bending rollformer.

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