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Customs Brokerage | Customs Brokerage Fees For Shipping INternationally


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Customs Brokerage ServicesIndustrial machine manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of how to ship machinery worldwide.  The Customs Brokerage process is complicated and requires specific knowledge for both your product and where you are shipping it to.  Finding a customs brokerage company that can handle this is a challenge.  Companies like DHL customs brokerage, Livingston customs brokerage and Great Lakes customs brokerage all understand the importance of having the correct documentation completed.

How to choose a Customs Brokerage Company.

Customs brokerage fees are only part of the overall cost of shipping equipment worldwide.  If you're shipping a large roll forming machine you will need multiple containers to transport the system.  Canadian customs and American customs both have different needs and requirements in order to ship industrial machinery.  Issues such as part origin and final assembly all are considered when creating the customs fees.

Customs Brokerage

As with any cost to your business  you must account for all the costs of doing business.  With heavy machinery and global trade shipping your goods internationally adds both external customs brokerage fees as well as internal administration fees.  Accounting for these items up front with your client is as important as identifying the features and functionality of your rollformer.


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