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Food metal detector used in the processing of food ingredients and finished product


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Food production is one of the more highly automated processes today.  Today’s food manufacturing has made it possible to produce finished goods at an amazing speed.  The food industry has pushed the limits of many machine manufacturers such as case packers, filling machines and metal detection equipment.  With this type of speed new hurdles appear in the manufacturing of food.

Metal detectors used in the food industry

Food Metal Detector

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Many food processing plants can be broken down in to several key steps.  These steps are high risk locations for the introduction of metal contaminates.  Placing a metal detector at each of these locations will help to significantly reduce the risk of metal fragments being introduced in to the food stream as well reduce the processing costs.

Top locations for a metal detector within food production

  1. Raw ingredients
  2. Mixing
  3. Filling
  4. Finished packaging

Food raw ingredients metal detection

Many food products start with simple raw ingredients.  Flour, sugar and spices are offloaded from a railcar or truck in to holding tanks.  This is an ideal location to add a gravity feed, free flow, metal detector.  Inspecting at this location where the cost of production is at its lowest the return on investment here is high.  You will be able to reduce costs and increase supplier quality by simply installing a system like the Goring Kerr Model 401.

Industrial food mixers

Similar to the raw ingredient lines mixing lines are a common place for metal fragments to be introduced.  Place a gravity feed system or a pipeline metal detector such as the Goring Kerr Model 426 in this location will also pay for itself quickly.

Filling lines and packaging machines

At some point in the process all of the food ingredients come together to form the final product.  Either through a Vertical Form Fill machine or an over-wrapper packaging machine the end food product starts to take shape.  Placing an inline metal detection device here will help to protect machinery as well give you the option of reworking the product and recovering production costs.

Finished packaging

Just before the end product exists the production environment installing a conveyor metal detector gives you one last chance to capture metal contamination.  By installing a system here you will help to protect your brand and corporate image in the marketplace.

For more information about metal detector use in food manufacturing contact us today.

Bruce Kerr Author

Bruce Kerr co-founder of Goring Kerr the first industrial metal detector manufacturer. Bruce Kerr was instrumental in the development and application of the modern contaminate detection industry. Goring Kerr is now part of the Thermo Scientific group of companies still offering industrial grade metal detection solutions.