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High speed metal forming


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Roll Forming Sheet Metal at High Speed

The cold forming process is that of bending flat metal sheet (either pre-cut or continuous ) in to a specific profile.  This process has been around for a long time and utilizes the basic principles today.  The struggle has always been the deformation of the steel as it is being bent.  The 'bending' of metal when cold stretches and changes the makeup of the elements within the steel.

Roll Forming Sheet Metal

High Strength Steel Forming

There is a growing trend in today's market to switch to high-strength steel when forming parts.  This movement obviously generates new challenges in the high speed rollforming industry.  The traditional roll forming machine has always worked at slow speed in order to minimize the changes made the the steel at a molecular level.  With the addition of this new type of steel it's even more critical to understand well the impact of increased production rates and part quality.  This is where the COPRA FEA program can help.   Roll forming manufactures often rely on a few key individuals for their craftsmanship in designing roll tooling.  Now with the addition of high strength steel and high speeds new software technology is required to improve the performance of roll formers.


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