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Fortress Phantom Metal Detector Manual

How to setup your Fortress Phantom Metal Detector?


Fortress Phantom Metal Detector

The correct setup of your Phantom metal detector is essential to detecting accurately metal contaminates.  Doing so will also reduce the number of false rejects and overall increase your production throughput.

Phantom Metal Detector Installation

As with any conveyor metal detector correctly installing the system is vital to its operation.  The Fortress systems like others require the correct isolation and grounding in order to operate correctly.  The Phantom Manual illustrates and explains all the correct installation requirements for peak performance.

Adjusting a Phantom Metal Detector.

Industrial metal detectors must be calibrated to the specific application.  This adjustment, often called phase mode, tells the system what type of product you are running.  Setup instructions in the Phantom Metal Detector Manual walk you through step by step on how to do this.