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Get more life from your roll former: Refurbish, Rebuild and make it last - IMN


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Get more life from your roll former: Refurbish, Rebuild and make it last Get more life from your roll former: Refurbish, Rebuild and make it last

Used Roll Former

Roll forming machines have a say in every industry be it construction or automobile. In building industry, a roll former is used for making corrugated roofs, steel studs, beads, purlins and other building parts. The automobile industry relies on roll forming machines for manufacturing bumpers, chassis, essential sub-assembly systems, door window runners, cross supports and other parts. Today, metal roll forming machines have become the backbone of every industry. You can take a roll forming equipment to construction site for punching holes on large purlins or get your roll forming machinery fixed on the floor according to your convenience.


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Like any other machine, cold roll forming machines too need proper maintenance. If you have a used roll former then it becomes necessary to pay heed to its requests. Refurbish roll former to avoid problems like bonding or coil coated products to the roll tooling. Some manufacturers have also reported problems extending to the finish panel. Roll forming machines also need proper lubrication, as inadequate lubrication results in part configuration, oil canning, bow, twist, leading to improper finished dimensions. When it comes to lubricating cold roll forming machines then there is nothing better than vanishing oil. This oil gives the lubrication necessary for the forming process. In addition, the vanishing oil has the advantage of evaporating over time for convenient handling and installation of the machine at the site. These are some of the important tips you can use when you need to refurbish roll former or maintain a used roll former.


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