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Goring Kerr DSP 2 manual ready to free your production and download


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The Goring Kerr DSP 2 manual is a great place to start when setting up and DSP 2 metal detector.  Included in the manual are a number of installation and operational items required to deliver peak performance. Proper setup of any industrial metal detector is essential for the correct and ongoing operation.  Having the right manual is just the start.

Purchase the DSP 2 Manual 

You can now purchase the Goring Kerr DSP 2 manual for download via email.  This manual will free your resources from unnecessary troubleshooting and downtime.  When purchasing this manual you will receive via email the full factory manual containing all the original instructions for how to adjust the controls, reject system and fault system.

Buy your Goring Kerr DSP 2 Manual today!


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