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Goring Kerr is well known as a lead manufacturer of industrial metal detection equipment.  The DSP 3 line of metal detectors is used throughout many food, plastic, pharmaceutical and lumber applications.  The 3rd version of the popular DSP 1 metal detector the DSP 3 offers new and advanced features.

Learn how to setup and test the Goring Kerr DSP 3 metal detector

Goring Kerr DSP 3 Conveyor Metal Detector Incline Conveyor Metal DetectorThe Goring Kerr DSP 3 manual walks you  through all the critical installation and operational setup requirements.  A critical area for any metal detector installation is the software setup.  The DSP 3 offers easy setup of key product perimeters such as product mode, correct phase setting and sensitivity.  Selecting the ‘learn’ key from the main control interface will quickly adjust the core functions to a near optimal performance level.  From there you can further adjust setting to more accurately and reliably detect and reject metal contamination.

Reject device setup for the DSP 3 metal detector

Detecting metal is only part of the setup for your metal detector.  The rejection of metal is equally or even more important than detection.  Without clear rejection you will have a false sense of protection and run the risk of passing contaminated product through your operation.  The Goring Kerr line of metal detectors all offer, since the Tektamet 2 model, reject verification technologies.  This ‘full loop’ functionality confirms that the correct product was rejected during the detection cycle.  Testing of the full and accurate reject device operation occurs during this time.  The DSP 3 manual covers how to setup and test reject timing, confirmation and key setup settings.

Goring Kerr DSP 3 Manual

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