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Goring Kerr DSPnet


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Goring Kerr Control Panel

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In today’s manufacturing environment there is an increasing need to monitor and test process control devices. When done manually this consumes valuable time and energy.

In response to this need Thermo Goring Kerr has developed DSPnet, a software program designed to automatically monitor the metal detectors operation.

Goring Kerr DSPnet

DSPnet is a Windows compatible software package which will output data for use with Excel, Lotus, and other Windows packages.

With the advanced technology engineered into the DSP series metal detectors, networking can be achieved with affordable RS-485 standard communication. Simple ‘Daisy Chain’ connections from each metal detector to your PC will give you automatic record generation. Plus many other features.

Benefits of DSPnet  are :

  • Interval monitoring
  • Reports
  • Advanced warning of trends
  • Remote control
  • Display of metal detector settings
  • Reject counting
  • Can be connected to Goring Kerr via modem for service trouble shooting

Technical Advantages

  • RS-485 twisted pair technology
  • Distance between metal detector and PC
  • Number of systems connected to one PC without additional adapters
  • All parts needed are tested by Goring Kerr
  • Technical support

What Can Be Monitored And Recorded ?

  • Time of each metal detection for each metal detector
  • Fault conditions
  • Product name and ID number
  • Sensitivity, phase point, phase variation of product
  • Number of rejected products

System Requirements

  • PC Compatible computer 486 33 MHz or better
  • Windows software ver 3.1 or higher
  • 8 Meg of RAM
  • 12 Meg of hard disk
  • Twisted pair cable to connect from PC to metal detector as shown


Remote Access

  • Assistance by Goring Kerr engineers
  • Remote access allows our engineers to connect to your system via remote modem software
  • The customer would need a remote software package such as PC Anywhere to allow for connection via modem on conventional phone lines

Metal Identification

  • Metal contaminant identification system
  • An off line metal detector connected to DSPnet will aid in identifying the material and approximate equivalent sphere size of tramp metal

Bruce Kerr Author

Bruce Kerr co-founder of Goring Kerr the first industrial metal detector manufacturer. Bruce Kerr was instrumental in the development and application of the modern contaminate detection industry. Goring Kerr is now part of the Thermo Scientific group of companies still offering industrial grade metal detection solutions.