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Goring Kerr fault system


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Metal Detector Fault System

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All Goring Kerr metal detectors share the same basic principles of fault detection.   They are broken in to two categories, installation and electronic.  Each model indicates any error with the activation of a fault light and relay.

Specific instructions are included in every Goring Kerr Manual to clear the fault and prevent it from happening again.  If you are experiencing a system fault check the manual first.

Installation Fault

Loop Effect

Loop effect is the term used to describe an intermittent electrical (ground) connection.   This problem is one of the most common causes of a fault on any metal detector system.

Most common source of ‘loop effect’

  • Conveyor roller
  • Cross member supports
  • Mounting connection

Electronic Fault

The electronics check all of the internal circuitry as well some of the external electrical systems.  Each subsystem is capable of tripping the fault circuit and causing a fault alarm.

Common electrical faults.

  • Faulty component
  • Damaged wire
  • Fault programing incorrect

If you are looking to diagnose any fault on the Goring Kerr metal detector start with the installation and operation manuals.

Bruce Kerr Author

Bruce Kerr co-founder of Goring Kerr the first industrial metal detector manufacturer. Bruce Kerr was instrumental in the development and application of the modern contaminate detection industry. Goring Kerr is now part of the Thermo Scientific group of companies still offering industrial grade metal detection solutions.