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Goring Kerr Manual | Purchase your metal detector manual today


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DSP 3 Manual

Buy DSP 3 Manual here!

DSP 2 Manual

Buy DSP 2 Manual here!

DSP 2S Manual

Buy DSP 2S Manual here!

DSP 1 Installation Manual

Buy DSP 1 Installation Manual here!

DSP 1 User Manual

Buy DSP 1 User Manual here!

TEK 21 Manual

Buy TEK 21 Manual here!

Tektamet 2 – Installation & Operation Manual

Buy Tektamet 2 Manual here!


Are you looking for another Goring Kerr Manual?

If you are looking for a manual we haven’t listed contact us today.  With over 20 years experience in Goring Kerr products we will most likely have what you’re looking for.

Goring Kerr has manufactured a wide range of industrial metal detectors.  Each system requires specific calibration in order to operate correctly.  Each manual outlines the various requirements to ensure proper installation and setup.  Now you can purchase your manual today from IMN.


Over 25 years experience in the industrial sector with a broad knowledge of industrial equipment and the installation and application of machinery used in today's automation processes.