Goring Kerr Manuals

History Of Goring Kerr

Goring Kerr founded in 1947 by Bruce Goring Kerr and David Hiscock is well known as a pioneer and leader in the industrial metal detection field.  As the Ford of the industry Goring Kerr is well respected for their performance, quality and market leadership. 

Goring Kerr

Over the years Goring Kerr has gone through a number of transformations.  Currently the product range and brand is sold under the Thermo Fisher Scientific name.  They have also sold under the names Thermo Goring Kerr and Graseby Goring Kerr.  

Metal Detector Model History

1947   SJU
1965   Metlokate
1978   Tektamet
1982   Mark 4
1983   Tek 21
1985   Tek 21C
1991   DSP 1
1994   DSP 2S
1995   DSP 2
2001   DSP 3

In years gone by Goring Kerr enjoyed having the position of being the number one metal detector manufacturer in the world.  Unfortunately, through many acquisitions the Goring Kerr brand has suffered.  The once powerful and market leader is now in the top 10 metal detector manufactures of the world.  

Metal Detector Industries

Many other industrial level metal detection manufactures have pushed and made their way to the top.  Today’s leaders are Safeline Metal Detection and Loma.  There are many lesser entry level systems that provide basic coverage and are suited for many applications, such companies as Eriez MagneticsLock Inspection and others.

Goring Kerr the once proud leader in metal detection sensitivity and system performance is now one of the pack. An unfortunate change for this once powerful leader.