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How automotive roll forming benefits manufactures of vehicle parts How automotive roll forming benefits manufactures of vehicle parts

The automotive industry prides itself on efficiency and quality.  Let’s face it the car has thousands of parts all requiring an increasing level in precision and quality.  What was once a simple part to fabricate is now a highly precise and mostly automated process.  This is where the automotive roll forming machine comes in.  It is a high volume general high precision machine used for manufacturing metal parts for the automotive industry.

What parts can you roll form for an automobile?

Automotive Roll Former Machine

Automotive Roll Former Machine

Often automotive parts are manufactured in large volumes.  This is well suited for the roll forming process.  There are many common metal parts that can be made through this process.  The following list are some of the most common parts made in this process.

  • Bumper
  • Chair rail
  • Chassis
  • Cross beam

A newer use of forming machinery is in the manufacture of front and side impact beams.  With the growing safety requirements the need to manufacture lightweight high functioning beams has been increasing.  Utilizing integrated automated machinery steps in the metal forming process manufactures can bend, punch and form complex profiles required for this part.

Use in the manufacture of commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles come with a wide range of requirements.  Generally highly customized and built with specific purposes they require a different approach to rollforming.  Many manufactures will use standard designs and build custom machinery from them.  This often leads to a decrease in the capital machinery costs but might not be the right choice.  Care must be taken when going in this direction.  The initial low cost may bring serious limitations in the equipment’s ability to manufacture high quality parts.

There are a wide range of auxiliary equipment used in the metal forming process.  In high speed complex profile lines it’s essential to have the right equipment in place.  Looking at both ends of the process is as important as the mill its self.  Having the ability to both feed the line with mutli-head uncoliers or to package finished parts with stackers and palletizing systems will all add to the overall speed and efficiency of this process.

Look beyond the obvious when purchasing a rollformer.  This equipment is costly and even more costly when incorrectly purchased.  Rushing to the lowest price on capital equipment is often the biggest mistake made buy the buyer.


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