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How roll forming equipment integrates into the sheet metal fabrication industry


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The ability to fabricate and manufacture at higher speeds is always top of mind when purchasing new processing equipment.  New advancements in roll tooling designs now allow rollforming machine manufactures the flexibility of providing customers ways to increase production speed.

New roll forming machinery technologies speed production rates

Roll forming equipment manufacture Many see roll tooling as a ‘black art’ when it comes to metal forming.  How do you make a steel roll bend through progressive stages or roll stands to form a specific shape?  Well this is one area where machine manufactures can set themselves apart.  The more tooling you have in your rolling mill the slower you have to operate.  Why, simply the more bending you do to sheet metal the more likely you are to damage the steel.  Likewise, if you have too few you will force the sheet metal to bend to quickly which will form erratic shapes and more quickly damage the sheet. 

The solution to building a machine that can form sheet metal quickly, accurately and without damaging the material is where companies can set themselves apart.  Many are now turning to computer aided design software to help with this process.  By building the machine in the computer you can simulate what might happen in the real world.  Although not a perfect application COPRA FEA can help to reduce the rework and time to production.

Sheet metal processing equipment

For many roll forming machines there are common components or equipment needed to process steel sheets.  The fabrication equipment needed typically includes an uncoiler machine, flattener and lubricator, rolling mill, cut-off’s and presses and finally material handling equipment.  This basic configuration allows rollforming machine manufactures to design modular systems that can produce a wide range of end products.  There is little difference between an automotive window glide and a common electrical strut from a machine perspective.  The tooling both in the mill and any punching or cut-off presses is of course specific to the profile.  However, this common modular approach helps to reduce build costs and delivery times.

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