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How the Studmaker can roll steel and form new profiles


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Steel Framing Studmaker

Samco Studmaker RollformerThe Samco Greenfield Studmaker is an industrial leader in the manufacturing of steel framing channels.

The Samco Studmaker has been designed to manufacture studs from 3 5/8″ to 14″ in width with flange heights ranging from 1 3/8″ to 2 1/2″.  Material thickness can range from 20 (.039) to 12 (.112) with 3″ rollformed deep leg tracks.  All of this can be manufacturered without shear’s or dies.

Samco Roll Forming

The “Samco Roll Forming” machine Studmaker is designed for quick change-overs, typically under 20 minutes, which in turn allows you to manufacture 24/7.  This high speed capability and size change speed is another innovative design first introduced by Samco Machinery ltd.

Piercing and Cutt-Off

Steel framing roll forming machineOptional pre-pierce and pre-shear hydrex dies can be provided on the Studmaker.  If you have an older model you can benefit from the upgrade of these accessories.


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