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How to form dough balls and roll them in to pizza balls


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Goring Kerr Metal DetectorThis machine is simply cool because of its simplicity and efficiency.  The production of food in North America has always been based on volume.  The more you can produce the larger your profits and market share are.

Dough Ball Forming Machine

Many of the nation’s largest pizza companies centralize their pizza ball manufacturing.  With a central location food production capacity increases, per unit costs reduce and quality control is easier to manage.  These factories are no different than your own kitchen, just on a much larger scale. 

Automation of pizza ball delivery

The machine that creates these pizza balls is an industrial grade dough ball machine.  Once the raw ingredients are mixed together and sliced in to elongated wedges they travel along the conveyor belt through to the forming room.   In the temperature controlled room they will pass through a conveyor metal detector in order to remove any metal contamination.  From there they travel in to the cone shaped dough forming machine.  Inside the machine there is an upside down steel cone turning at a high RPM.  The tough slab enters onside and travels up and around the cone (guided by stainless steel guiderails) and exits as a ball.  The rapid movement rotates the dough in such a way as to form a perfect ball.

Thanks to this innovative machine we can all enjoy low cost local pizza delivery.



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