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Steel framing rollfromer machine


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Steel Framing and Stud Manufacturing

Steel stud and track roll formerThe manufacturing of steel stud and track used in today's industrial construction relies heavily of through-put.   A highly commodity based industry the manufacturing of steel framing is all about cost.  The cheaper you can pump out the sticks the better off you are, plain and simple.  Some manufacturers design their light gauge framing components with special ribbing or knurling to separate themselves in the marketplace.  Now, this could very well be a highly valuable feature when constructing interior steel walls.  However, at the end of the day most builders will decide largely based on cost.

How to manufacture steel framing studs with a roll former.

This is where the stud and track roll former such as the Samco Greenfield come in.  These machines can manufacture virtually all of the sizes required for conventional steel stick framing.  They can also integrate special features such as knurling or 'stampings' in to the web of the stud.  With the ability to produce high volumes, special features and custom sizes industrial level rollforming allows produces of steel framing to increase margins while being competitive.


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