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Is Ontario Solar manufacturing stalling machine builders?


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Is the Ontario Solar energy market short circuiting? Is the Ontario Solar energy market short circuiting?

Samco Solar helps meet Ontario feed in tariff programSolar energy manufacturers in Ontario are growing more frustrated with each passing day.  Further delays in the F.I.T (Feed in Tariff) program are causing investors to re-think Ontario’s energy policy.

Manufacturers of solar energy in Ontario are stalled and unable to grow any new business.  Waiting for the Energy Ministry’s new fee structure to be approved they and others are beginning to wonder how stable the future really is.  The trickledown effect impacts many sectors of Ontario’s economy.  Solar component fabricators have setup shop in order to gain access to this growing market.  Now with stalling, confusion and the possibility of reversing the program many businesses are ready to pull out.

There was expectation that Chris Bentley the energy minister and keynote speaker at the Canadian Solar Industries Association was going to confirm the changes were approved.  Unfortunately this didn’t happen at their conference and again further speculation.

Solar Panel, Mounting Manufacturing in Ontario

An area that stands to lose the most if things are not correct is the Ontario Manufacturing Industry.  Since the recent USA and Global recessions Ontario machine manufacturers were hit hard.  Sales dropped and competition grew fierce.  Companies such as roll forming machine manufacturers were also doubly hit with the rise in the Canadian dollar.  Many companies in Ontario looked toward the new energy market as a way to stay afloat and wade out the economic rollercoaster ride.

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With this new uncertainty in the Ontario Solar market companies who had taken their eye off the ball in hopes of an easier path, expanding in Solar production, may have made one of the greatest blunders in business.  Taking risk is always part of growing any business.  Making a calculated risk is the only way to improve your odds and ensure that your business can withstand any errors in judgment.  Companies who focused on this new growth industry, Ontario solar, while leaving their core business to flounder may have just opened the door for competitors to walk in and easily take their business.

The Ontario Government has to be committed to this program and reassure investors that policy and willingness remains high.  Waffling with a weakening level of attention after the photo op will only damage the industrial sector in Ontario.


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