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How will Japan orders impact rollformer machine sales in North America?


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With the March Chip equipment orders down 15% in Japan is there any relief in sight for the US machinery market?

Japan March Chip Equipment Orders Down 15% in March 2012.  This decline has obvious connections to the consumer electronics market.  But how will this impact heavy industrial equipment manufacturing such as steel form equipment?

Metal forming machine equipment seeing no relief

Steel Coil Used In Metal Forming MachinesThe industrial machinery market tends to be impacted by virtually all sectors regardless of the equipment’s purpose.   When there is a slip in sales for new machinery in one sector often all equipment manufacturers see a slip.  The Japan chip manufacturing industry requires specific machinery to automate the production processes for integrated circuit components.  This in turn impacts the manufacturing of machinery used to build these large scale component lines.  Metal forming machines are used in the fabrication of panel, steel shelving and metal struts used in the assembly of chip lines. 

US roll forming machine sales must innovate to survive

As the global economy reaches the brink yet again industrial equipment manufacturers such as those in the roll forming industry have to innovate to survive.  Relying on the same old technology from the 1980’s isn’t enough anymore.  Competition from low cost machine builders in China and India are placing tremendous pressure on the US rollformer company.
The European roll forming companies have taken the lead in developing innovative products such as tile effect and 3D forming.  This leadership thinking will help them to stay in front of the pack and demand the premium costs. 

How will Canadian and US rollformer machine companies carve a new path?

With pressures in downward cost from the Far East and advanced innovation in Europe how will North American rollforming companies survive?  This has yet to be played out. Many long standing roll forming manufacturers in North America lack the abilities to truly be innovative.  Large engineering teams, lack of market knowledge and years of non-innovative production have placed some companies far behind.
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