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Learn how the metal construction industry can benefit from roll forming technology at Metalcon 2012 - IMN


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This year at Metalcon 2012 visitors can participate in a session on how cold forming machines have impacted the building and construction industry.   This unique meeting will teach you how to minimize waste through better control systems, document tooling setups and roll tooling lubrication.

Join the conversation of rollformer maintenance and performance

Building your ROI case and investing in new rollformer technology can prove highly complex.  Knowing the true benefits of purchasing new equipment or used refurbish machinery is extremely valuable in building your business case.

Improve production throughput

Commercial Building Roll Former lines and equipment Commercial Building Roll FormerThe cost of production errors, scrap overruns or inability to respond to market demands take directly from the bottom line.  Having the right controller technology installed on your forming line is essential to maximizing your production throughput.  New PLC controllers can be installed on new or used equipment.

Keep your roll tolling running smoothly for increased quality

If there was one component or section of a roll forming line that is under estimated it’s the roll tooling.  Often when reducing the cost of a forming mill manufacturers will start by reducing the cost of tooling.  This is an enormous mistake for the end user for a number of reasons.  Namely the part quality is mostly affected by the roll quality, alignment and shape.  Sheet metal profiles are shaped and formed by the progressive changes in the rolls.  Imagine each of these rolls having slightly worsening issues.  This cascading effect and unpredictable shaping of the sheet metal will produce low quality and varying metal parts.

Moving metal parts need lubrication and there is no exception with forming mills.

Just like your car’s engine needs an oil change every 3 months metal forming machines require high quality lubricants.  Just as sheet metal grades have varying results when cold forming oil lubricants also have different lubrication results.  Knowing which oil to use with which coil of metal for any given forming line is critical to reliable operation.  A cold forming machine needs to be just that, cold or at least cool.  Keeping the sheet metal plate cool is largely controlled by the lubrication used.

Learn this and more about roll forming machines and maximizing your investment at this year’s Metalcon show.

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