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What to look for in a new or used roofing rollformer machine


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Before you buy a new or used roofing roll former make sure you do your homework.  Not all forming mills are manufactured the same and not all of them produce roofing panels the same way.  The key, as with any capital equipment, is to understand the differences in the machinery.   Why does one rollformer cost thousands less than the other?  Why is one built simpler than the other?  These are but a few questions you should be asking when you purchase a forming machine.

Roofing rollformers for sale

Wall panel and roof panel rollformerIn today’s economy you will find many used rollformers for sale as well new roll forming machines at a low cost.  So why do they cost so much different and which one should I buy?  When purchasing a used rollformer remember that these machines are purpose built.  That’s to say that each steel forming mill is made to order.  Even those that are purchased from a catalog have features that can be customized to the customer’s needs.  So, when you buy machinery that is used you’re not only risking functionality, will it start, you’re also risking the design.

Things to remember when buying machinery

  • Roll tooling
  • Drive system
  • Electrical connections
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Services centers
  • Parts availability

What to look for in a roofing roll forming machine

Roofing panels are made from a wide range of steel coil.  The quality of the sheet metal has a significant impact of the outcome of the rollformer.  Roll forming poor quality steel will always result in an irregular profile and roofing panel.  The roll tooling and alignment of the tooling stands are equally important.  Misalignment or damaged tooling will mark, scare and dent your roofing panels surface and reduce your quality.

Look for this the next time you’re buying a new rollforming machine

  • Roll tooling material
  • Mill base design
  • Parts availability
  • Alignment adjustments
  • Replacement costs
If you’re looking for more information, or a roll former quote, on rollforming machines contact us today!


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