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How to setup and test rollforming machine tooling


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One of the most important installation requirements is the alignment of the rolling mill.  This foundational requirement has rippling effects on the overall performance of the rollforming process.  A small misalignment is magnified throughout the forming process resulting in oil canning, orange peeling and simply out of tolerance profiles.

Roll tooling and mill alignment

Roll tooling alignmentWhen the manufacture engineered, designed and built the roll former all dimensions were referenced from a common centerline.  This centerline is typically run straight down the middle of the sheet metal entering the mill.  The roll tooling specifications and tolerances are referenced from this point as well.  The mounting stands, brackets and other tool and sheet alignment components require that all machinery is aligned correctly.

Tooling stands

The process of forming metal happens in a 3 axis model.  The roll tooling stands not only align parallel to the line direction they align perpendicular to the roll tooling itself.  This critical adjustment has to be correct for each and every stand on the mill.  Minor errors can result in poorly formed profiles, waving skins and more.  The material thickness is also adjusted on each pass, either manually or automatically.  Having a heavier gauge material that is not gapped correctly will result in strain on the roll tooling and cause the stands to deflect or shift.  These changes in alignment will damage the end product and result in costly re-work.

Mill setup time and testing

Taking the time to adjust each stand, align the uncoiler and flattener and adjust the cut-off presses will help to reduce your operational costs and increase productivity.  Too often operators rush to produce product only to find out from Quality Control that the sheet is orange peeled, oil canned or worse completely out of tolerance.  Adjust record and test before each profile change or material change.


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