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New updates to roll former drivetrain components increases speeds


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Roll Forming EquipmentA leading rollformer manufacturer, has redesigned the drive system of one of its popular rollforming machines.  The new drive designs allow for greater speeds and tighter tolerances.  The advancement will see change in many if not all of their rolling mills.

Increased line speeds on rollforming mill

The changes to the drivetrain now allow for greater speeds.  With a variable-frequency drive system production rates can now reach up to 200 feet per minute.  With the improvements to the drive system new bearing requirements were need.  Changes to the bearing specifications also allow for these advancements in production rates.

New roll forming machine capacity

With a changing global machine manufacturing landscape production rates for any industrial machine is a critical consideration. Buyers have new rollforming machines benefits to improve their bottom line.

If you are looking for a new or used roll forming machine contact us today for a rollformer quote.


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