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C Z Purlin Machine


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C Z Purlin Roll Forming

CEE and ZEE Purlin Roll Forming MachineA recent project designed and built by KBW Associates in Memphis Tenn., saw some pretty cool advancements in building technology.  New features allowed for an off-center ridge with a continuous beam frame system to increase substantially the usable space.

Steel Framing System

This two story building has over 44,000 square feet of research and office space.  Utilizing many steel building components, such as siding, steel stick framing and roll formed Z/C purlins this building reduces dramatically its carbon footprint.

You can read more about it at Metal Mag here.

CEE and ZEE Purlin Rollformer Machines

There are many common sizes for standard C and Z Purlins.  The hole patterns and notches cutout are also very common.  For more information on Purlin Roll Formers check out our product page.


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