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Rainspout roll forming machine


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The DSP 2 series downspout system provides an end to end solution for the fabrication of aluminum drain pipes.  This system can produce both the down pipe and elbow providing operators a complete package.

Rainspout Profiles

Many standard profiles are available as well as custom shapes. The following chart includes the most common sizes manufactured with this machine.


2×3” (50.8 X 76.2mm) 4X5” (101.6 X 127mm)
3×3″ (76.2 x 76.2mm) Metric 74.5 x 100mm
3×4” (76.2 x 101.6mm)  


RollformerLine Speed and Performance

The standard line speed is 100 feet per minute running 0.019 Aluminum sheet.  Elbow's are manufactured at a rate of 15 per minute.  The hourly rate can produce approximately 600 tubes and over 800 elbows.  Line performance is improved with an optional swing out arm.

Model DSP 2

Download the DSP 2 manual today and learn how to correctly install and operate your system.


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