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Industrial RollForming Machine for the manufacture of steel parts and components

RollForming Machine manufactured by companies for industrial rollforming of sheet metalThe steel roll industry owes its life to the modern roll forming machine.  Without this manufacturing machine many forming processes would be next to impossible to accomplish.  The metal rolling process has been around for decades.  However, today’s steel processing plants have increased demand on both production through put and profile part quality.

Building and Construction roll formers

Industries such as the building and construction sector are heavy users of steel products.  Everything from steel framing, standing seam roofing, sandwich panels and purlins are made by a roll forming machine.  The history of cold forming dates back to the 20’s.  Scandinavian  companies were one of the first to incorporate this technology to produce tile effect roofing.

How roll tooling impacts the forming process

An area that has often been seen as ‘black magic’ is the design of roll tooling.  In years gone by craftsman used their experience and knowledge to design each roll stand for optimum performance.  As you can imagine this was a slow and unpredictable process for metal forming.  Now roll forming machine manufacturers utilize a software application called COPRA FEA.  This software program simulates each roll pass so that designers can fast track machine manufacturing.

Common applications of forming equipment

Consumers are most commonly aware of roll forming machines used to manufacture on site gutters or steel studs.  These portable rollformers are not that much different than there big brother.  They share the same machine requirements such as drive, controller or PLC, roll tooling and cut-off.  Most industrial metal rolling applications include a number of accessory equipment.

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