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Roll Forming Machines in India manufacture for the local market producing quality profiles

Roll forming machine made in the USAThere are many roll forming machine manufactures around the world.  The question as to what company is the right one to produce roll formed profiles can be tough to answer.   So where do you start?  Looking at a roll forming machine for building corrugated roofing sheets must take in to consideration several key factors.  The machine durability is one of the most over looked elements in the decision making process.  Too often companies choose largely based on price rather then quality.  This often leads to roof panels that are manufactured poorly and require re-work or scrapping.  This will lead to a higher cost per panel when roll formed with a low cost machine.  The roll forming process is very precise even for the most common roll formed profiles and shapes.  The use of sheet metal to make roofing panels has long been the material of choice.  The sheet metal forming process to produce the corrugated profiles utilizes many machines in order to manufacture quality panels.  The tools and dies on these machines are an important part of the overall quality.  Also the strength of each roll tool stand is equally important in producing quality profiles over and over.  Can you imagine using small lightweight roll tooling or stands to bend sheet metal reliably?  It is obvious that you must use a strong machine built by a reputable company who has years of experience.  One such company Samco Machinery, is well known around the world for producing quality machinery for the roofing panel industry.  They also have a roll forming machine division in India to produce local equipment.  If you’re looking for a roll forming line to manufacture corrugated roofing or wall panels I would start with a leader in the market.  Companies like Samco (http://www.industrial-machinery-news.com/roll-forming/smi) manufacture custom machinery that are highly cost effective.  


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