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Roll Former QuotationIn this article posted on The Fabricator Dan Davis talks about the past and future of roll forming.  His insight and views are very interesting specifically where he sees things going. 

The Evolution of Roll Forming

Metal forming has evolved over the years like many other industrial machines.  It goes without saying that the whole purpose of industrial equipment is to make things better, cheaper and faster.  Cold forming is no exception and in fact needs to be at the forefront of techniolgoacl advancements.  Market leaders such as Metform, Bradbury, Samco Machinery and Sen Fung all know the importance of being innovative.  But are they really?

Roll Former Innovation

How do you evlove an industrial machine built to perform the same function over years and decades?  My experience in industrial equipment manufacturing tells me that true innovation is hard to find.  Many companies simply re-invent the wheel only to find that they are spinning their own.  True advancements with any product and especially in rollforming is founded in a strong understanding of Product Management.  Knowing the life cycle of a product and combining that with market needs spawns the creative juices in any R&D department.

Dan Davis has some very interesting inshight in to the world, past and present, of roll forming.  Who knows he might just have a crystal ball!

What's on the horizon for roll forming?


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    April 20, 2012 #1 Author

    I'm not sure i agree with the way this happens.   Maybe metal stamping is the origin of rollformers.


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