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Corrugated Roll Forming Machine


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Corrugated Steel Roofing – how manufactures benefit from automation

corrugated roll forming machineHow can you manufacture more corrugated roofing and siding products more easily and less expensively?

If you are producing large or small amounts of corrugated steel roofing products you can benefit from the use of a corrugated roll forming machine in your production line.

Many manufactures know that they can produce a wide range of profile designs on a single machine.  The use of rafted tooling allows for the production a many different corrugated roofing profiles on the same mill.  Many quality roll formers provide for the use of these rafted roll sets.  What is rafted roll tooling?

When producing different profiles often companies look to used corrugated machinery.  This highly manual process can be eliminated with the use of rafts.  Rafts hold different sets of tooling specific to a profile design.  By changing the rafts on the corrugated roll forming machine you can change the profile design of the corrugated roll forming machine.  This easy and quick change over is one of many advanced features found on Samco Machinery’s roll forming machines.  They allow for double hi tooling and quick and easy change over’s.  Unlike brake presses roll formers allow for continuous forming of steel sheets.  These sheets are formed in to many different profiles with galvanized sheet used in today’s corrugated roofing industry.  Metal forming equipment is now the proffered method when making roofing and siding products.

Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

The history of CGI (Corrugated galvanized iron) was invented in the 1820s in Britain by Henry Palmer, an architect and engineer for the London Dock Company.  Originally made from wrought iron it proved to be light, strong, corrosion-resistant, and easily transported, and was a perfect match for prefabricated structures and improvisation by semi-skilled workers.  Soon it became a common material used in construction throughout rural areas in the United States, Chile and Australia and later India, and in Australia and Chile also became (and continue) the most common corrugated roofing panel material and is even used in urban areas not as commonly as in rural areas.

Corrugated Roofing

For roofing purposes, the sheets are laid somewhat like tiles, over lapping laterally for two or three corrugations, and a vertical overlap, to provide for waterproofing. CGI is also a common construction material for industrial buildings throughout the world and is manufactured with the use of a roll forming machine. The profile shape and design for corrugated roofing is almost endless. New technology machine designs have given architects and designers new ways to incorporate corrugated steel.

When selecting a corrugated roll forming machine company to build a machine for your roofing and siding products choose one that has the experience to get the job done right.  To rollform a corrugated steel sheet over many years requires the expertise and engineering know how to last the test of time.