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Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine


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W Beam Roll Forming Machine

guardrail roll forming machineStandard highway guardrail beams are manufactured in a continuous process using a guardrail roll forming machine.  The standard system design utilizes a PLC Control system, hydraulic cutting and punching, uncolier (decolier) and rolling mill.  Standard sizes of highway beams are manufactured on the same machine reducing the overall cost per part.

Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

With a high throughput this machine delivers 24/7 performance.  With a simple design reducing costly specialized parts and a heavy base this system is designed to work hard.  If you are moving toward D2 material or are planning on using a range of material types this machine will switch quickly and easily to accommodate different thicknesses and strengths.

Highway barriers are found throughout the world.  Modern transportation has made this safety device a necessity.  In order to fabricate steel guardrails locally in a cost effective process rollforming machinery is often used.  Due to the material thickness requirements heavy duty uncoilers/decoilers are required to correctly handle the large master coils.  From there the material is flattened and lubricated before and during the forming process.  Heavy duty stands support the large roll tooling and re-enforce the bending process.

Highway Crash Barrier Types

The standard highway crash barrier, or guardrail, profiles designs can all be manufactured using a guardrail roll forming machine.  With integral punching, notching and cut-off systems you can achieve this flexibility through rafted (cassette) roll tolling stands.

The common profiles manufactured are:

  • W-beam (2-space design)
  • Corrugated beam
  • Sign posts
  • Curved or swept bends

guardrail roll forming machine for the fabrication of w beam