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Metform International

A roll forming machine manufacture established in 1968, Metform provides a wide range of roll former and coil processing equipment.

With a range of offerings Metform International provides machinery engiuneered for industrial appliactions. Supplying equipment used in the following industires.

Industries served

  • Automotive
  • Rail Car
  • Metal Building Products
  • Steel Coil Processing
  • Custom Roll Forming
  • Heavy Construction
  • Racking and Shelving
  • Solar Racking
  • Agriculture Bins
  • Highway Guardrails and Barriers

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Metform International roll forming machine videos


Cut to length

Purlin line

High speed

Roll Tooling

One of the core components in the rollforming process is the roll tooling. The design and fabrication of these components is critical to the overall performance of the machine. In the end these tooling designs determine the overall quality of ytour final product. Metform Intl. offers services that include roll tolling design. When researching machine manufactures take extra time to review the process they employ to engineer, fabricate and assemble roll tooling.


As with many industrial products Metform Intl. offers service for their equipment. Having the in-house capabilities to provide OEM parts and components as well custom fabrication. With a highly skilled team Metform Internationals service department is there for you.

Auxiliary equipment

The metal forming process requires a range of auxiliary equipment. Supporting Metform roll forming equipment is a range of infeed, discharge, conditioning and punch press equipment. Some of the more common equipment offered by Metform Intl. are;

Auxiliary roll forming equipment

  • Presses
  • Uncolier (decoiler)
  • Automated die change
  • Roll tooling stands
  • Stackers
  • Flatteners
  • Recoilers
  • Outboard bearing support
  • Turnstiles