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Metal roofing roll forming machine for standing seam, corrugated, raised rib


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In today’s modern steel building construction a wide range of components are manufactured with the use of  roll forming equipment. The steel framing, aluminum walls, metal shingles and  many other steel roofing products are made of steel. They are inherently strong and provide for an easier installation and transportation. The components are often less expensive then their traditional counterparts and are more easily recyclable.

There are a wide range of profiles, finishes (metal roofing colors) and textures for steel roofing. This variety and flexibility is accomplished through the use of specialized tooling found on roll former machines and produce a range of profiles. The finish can be made to appear like other roofing materials such as wood, tile, or asphalt.

Metal Roof Equipment and Rolling Machines

Benefits of roll forming corrugated steel roofing

Metal roofing roll forming machineWhen manufacturing roofing and siding products rollforming provides for some unique benefits to the production of these materials. Manufacturing with the use of a rollformer produces a very cost effective method of production. The return on investment is relatively shorter when compared to other methods of fabrication. Additionally, quality levels increase dramatically with the use of an industrial machine improving customer satisfaction and reducing re-work. Specialized techniques allow manufactures to produce metal roofing panels high quality high volume corrugated roofing and siding products.

Feature list for standard roofing rollformer

The standard equipment included in a standing seam roll former or a corrugated roofing roll forming machine are.

  • Single ended uncolier
  • Sheet metal lubrication
  • Infeed alignment system
  • Automatic sheet thickness (depth) adjustment
  • 20-42 stage roll tooling stands
  • Direct drive
  • PLC control system
  • Cut-off press
  • Optional flying cut-off press

Material Handling Equipment for Metal Roofing Lines

An area that is often over looked and is critical when producing roofing, siding or decking materials for use in the building and construction industry is material handling. When moving, transferring and stacking large sheets of roll formed corrugated roofing tiles it is often very critical to handle the material in a way that the pre-painted surfaces are not scratched or dented. This attention to quality allows manufactures to produce higher volumes of higher quality products when roll forming.

When you are considering your roll forming design the professionals at Industrial Machinery News can help determine which pre-painted steel or galvanized steel roofing you may want to use. The forming machines can handle all your needs and profile requirements a corrugated roofing roll former machine is all you need.