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Shelving roll former machines are used to manufacture roll formed shelving components


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Shelving Roll Former

High accuracy is critical when producing steel shelving.  With a fully automated rollforming system you can manufacture a wide range of shelf sizes and flange profiles in one machine.

Metal Shelving Machine Manufacturers

The industrial machine manufacturers have designed an amazing shelving roll former.  Complicated profiles used in a range of shelving systems have pushed the limit of cold roll tooling designs.  Metal shelving used in commercial and residential applications both benefit from the advancements of roll forming machines.

Shelving roll former applications

Shelving literally comes in many sizes and types.  From store shelving to warehouse shelving and commercial shelving products.  The fabrication of all types of shelving is done with a shelving roll former.  These large industrial grade lines form sheet metal in to various components used in the fabrication of shelving products.  Items such as shelf pans, legs and cross supports can all be manufactured in the same process.  When using a rollforming machine to produce these parts it is common to use multiple roll tooling either on cassettes or racks for easy replacement.

With high speed capabilities and continuous processing the shelving roll former can produce a large quanity of parts at a very low parts cost.  Designed to incorporate punch press stations for notching and moutning fixtures the line configuration is felexible and robust.  Side plate lip bending is also possible through an innovative process flow configuration.

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