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Solar racking rollforming machines for fabricating roof top and ground mount systems


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The new alternative energy programs such as that included in Ontario Canada have generated new business for the rollforming industry.  These new laws require specific components to be manufactured locally and therefore, have generated a new business need.

Roof top solar panel racking systems

Roof top solar panel racking systems are lightweight steel framing systems.  Engineered to have a high-tilt angle (30° or greater depending on the location) and a low ballast weight requirement these framing systems are used in many applications.  With a non-penetrating mounting system roof top solar racking systems can be installed on almost any rooftop.

Flush mount solar panel racking mounting systems

Another option for quick and easy solar panel installations is roof top flush mount racking.  These systems are highly flexible and robust allowing installers the flexibility needed in these applications.

Renewable Energy and Roll Forming 

Many components as illustrated below can be manufactured quickly, cheaply and locally with the use of rollforming machines

Ontario, Canada: Solar racking fabricators see new light!

Samco Solar is a turnkey fabricator of solar mounting systems for large-scale rooftop and ground-mounted PV & ST applications. Leveraging 40 years of expertise in operating, developing, and implementing high-precision roll forming, stamping, bending, machining, and fastening technologies, Samco Solar seeks partners interested in having solar mounting solutions manufactured and delivered just-in-time to the highest quality standards. Equipped with over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Canada, Samco Solar’s headquarters allow customers to meet the domestic content requirements of the Ontario Feed-in-Tariff program.