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Steel framing machine for manufacturing steel housing components


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End Products Manufactured Using Rollforming Technology

The following images illustrate how versatile the industrial steel framing machine is.  As shown there is a wide range of building and construction materials manufactured through this process.

Steel Framing Machine

Steel Framing Machine

The steel framing industry relies heavily on the mass production of steel studs and tracks.  These building sticks are manufactured with the use of a stud roll forming machine. Steel rolling mills have been used to manufacture a wide range of stud sizes.  The roll forming machine manufacturers have all now been able to perfect fully automated control systems that allow for quick change over.  The steel framing machine is the big brother to the pre-fab roll former.  The pre-fab rollformer is designed to build all the required studs and tracks needed for a specific house.  This level of job site efficiency has increased the acceptance of steel home building.

Advanced steel framing design and build solution

The option of now building a complete structure from steel framing materials using a single machine is now here.  The facility built in to these machines allow for architectural drawings to be uploaded roll forming machine.  With high precision the rollformer bends and forms all the required studs and tracks needed to build either a residential or commercial property.  As each piece leaves the line it is marked such that it can be easily assembled.  Assembly can either happen in a large pre-fab warehouse or on the job site.  With fully integrated CAD/CAM technology these machines keep track of parts made, inventroy and waste.

Rollforming Equipment Photos