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Benefits of Used Roll Formers

Used roll formers and refurbished roll forming machine servicesWhen purchasing a roll forming machine for the first time it’s often seen as a significant investment.  If you’re looking to start off in the metal forming industry a viable option is to purchased a used machine.  The benefits are somewhat obvious.  The cost is significantly lower than that of a new machine.  There is also a lower risk when starting out.  Most companies will require multiple rollformers over time as their business evolves.  By offering used equipment as a first step in the process of purchasing a new custom machine users can ‘cut their’ teeth as they build their business

Refurbished Rollformer

If you have a used roll former that is out of calibration or is requiring new roll tooling we can help.  Often rebuilding costs are substantially lower than that of a new machine.   Often the performance is virtually the same between new and refurbished. What to look for when you select a company to repair your used roll former.

  • In-house machine shop
  • In-house engineering team
  • Wide range of experience in tooling deisgn
  • Defined project timeline
  • Reqular project updates

Roll Former Repair

In field repair is often less costly than shipping the complete system to a roll former manufacturer.  Having a qualified technician on-site evaluating your specific problem leads to a quicker resolution.  If your roll former is requiring a more complete refurbishment shipping to a qualified repair facility is necessary.  When selecting a company that specializes in the the repair of used roll formers it can often be a tricky process.  Should you return the machine the original manufacturer or to a local machine shop.  For help in this process contact us today.  Our network of professional roll forming machine repair facilities can offer you a cost effective solution.