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Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine


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Wall Panel Roll forming machine for fabricating steel wall and roof panels

There is a wide range of wall panel roll forming machines used to manufacture wall panels.  The most common lines utilize a dedicated set of tooling and manufacture only one type of profile.  Painted and unpainted galvanized sheet metal can be used to rollform metal wall panels.  Shapes and designs are determined by local supply and demand requirements.  Many rolling mills can accommodate multiple roll tolling sets with the use of cassettes to replace and exchange tooling designs.

The standard configuration of a wall panel roll forming machine includes; rolling mill, stacking table, hydraulic system, electric system and hydraulic cutting.

Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine Profiles

  • Cladding profile
  • Tile profile
  • Siding Profile
  • Trapezoidal (High and Low) profile
  • Wall cassette profiles


Types of Wall Panel Rollformers

All of these profile types can have a range of different dimensions. The capabilities of the roll forming machine range from the ability to accommodate single, double or cassette style tooling.  All of these lines are designed to produce common or custom profiles depending on the manufacturer.  Deep high quality profiles commonly found on the European trapezoidal lines require high accuracy to produce straight lines and flat surfaces.

The forming process takes on a progressive step bending through each of the tooling stands.  The rollers progressively bend and form the profile to its finale shape.

Wall Panel Machine Control Systems

In order to obtain the highest quality and throughput today’s wall roll former control systems use an integrated approach.  They often measure and re-measure throughout the process of forming.  This full loop process allows for a high level of accuracy over time.  With high-quality parts and a modular design many rollformers utilize common industrial spare parts.

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