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Roll forming Innovation


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The trend in metal forming equipment is an increasingly complex one.  Metal bending has been around for centuries and the forming industry as we see it today for decades.  Today's rollforming leaders recognize the importance of developing innovative equipment in order to stay in business.

Rollformer Innovation

Samco Machinery Rollforming EquipmentWhere do roll former manufacturers get there ideas from?  Like many other industrial machine manufacturers they first talk with their clients.  It's typically here where the need is developed and the inspiration is seeded.  Machine development is a high risk process.  Many hours and dollars go in to testing and re-testing concepts and prototypes.  In the steel bending industry the risks are even greater.  With a low margin product and a limited number of applications for anyone configuration combined with client agreements these manufacturers are slow to change.

Roll Forming Equipment

The basis of any roll former machine is to take flat steel sheet and progressively bend it in to a profile or shape.  The metal sheet passes through 'stands' where roll tooling slowly bends the steel.  Knowing how the metal is going to react to this forced bending is critical in the design and engineering of these monster machines.  A common practice is to utilize a software application called COPRA FEA to test or trial the designs first in the computer.  There is some debate as to the value of this method of design.  Does it really work?


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