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Samco Roll Former reaches 40 years in business in Canada


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A family owned business since 1972 Samco has continued to provide the steel fabrication sector high quality roll forming machinery.  Special expertise in the stud and track roll forming machine sector has placed them as one of the worlds leaders in this sector.

Manufacturing machinery in Canada is not without its obstacles.  With the Canadian dollar at record highs and offshore manufacturers capable of producing high quality machines companies like Samco continue to face an uphill battle.  Often North American capital equipment suppliers look to emerging markets for new opportunities in an effort to shore up shrinking profits.  This strategy appears to be one taken by this Scarborough machine builder.

About Samco Roll Formers

With over 40 years in business it’s no surprise that they have grown strong roots in Canada, or have they?  Over the past several years Samco Machinery has branched out to India to setup shop.  Having access to this emerging market both to sell product and low cost labor places them in a good position both locally and within India.

Their product range spans as many industries as one can imagine.  From the automotive, building and construction, roofing, HVAC to appliance manufacturers Samco roll formers are in all of them


Over 25 years experience in the industrial sector with a broad knowledge of industrial equipment and the installation and application of machinery used in today's automation processes.