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Sen Fung Roof Tile rollformer machine


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Tile Effect Roofing SystemThe manufacturing of steel roofing products has been around for decades.  The common corrugated profile often seen as low cost siding or tin roofs is commonly manufactured around the world.  The more complex forming of steel roof tile, often compared to clay tile roofing, is just catching on in Taiwan.  Rollforming manufacturers in Scandinavian countries like Finland have utilized these style of roofing for many years.  Locally, they insist that the technique for bending sheet metal in to complex tile shapes was founded in this region.


Roofing tile machines by Sen Fung

A raising leader in roll forming machines is Sen Fung.  Their Model SF-400l is a solid example of how rollformers for the roofing market can be made.  With a range of 16 to 25 stations, or roll tooling stands, these systems can produce a wide range of tile effect tilling.  With profile length steps from 150-500mm and a step depth of 1-30mm forming speeds of up to 32 steps per minute can be achieved.  

Each system manufactured by Sen Fung includes or can include the following rollformer accessories. 

  • Rolling Mill
  • Hydraulic Uncoiler Machine
  • Hydraulic Tile Forming Unit
  • Hydraulic Automatic Cutting System
  • Product Run Out Table
  • PLC Control Panel

The fully integrated system allows operators the flexibility of integrating with other industrial software platforms.  

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