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Sen Fung Machinery


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Roll forming equipmentA company that is continuing to make inroads in the North American steel fabrication equipment market is Sen Fung Rollform Machinery.  They continue to show themselves as a force to be reckoned with for both machine quality and cost. 

Chinese Roll Former Manufacturer

It's often be understood that equipment manufactured offshore, such as China, is poorly manufactured.  However, can that still be said in today's global equipment market?  Sen Fung has focused clearly on targeting the large American rollformer manufacturers such as The Bradbury Group and Samco Machinery.  In an attempt to both drive their competitors margins down and to increase their foothold Sen Fung is making progress.

Can rollformers made in China and India compete?

Well the answer to that has to be YES!  The leading American manufacturers, Bradbury and Samco, are both manufacturing offshore.  Samco rollforming has embarked on an aggressive strategy to open up a factory in India and build the same roll forming machines their as they do in Canada.  Bradbury on the other hand has opened up manufacturing operations in China as well.  Both efforts validate that these global markets can produce quality equipment.  

Will Sen Fung open a factory in North America?

It's highly unlikely that Sen Fung would consider opening a rollformer manufacturing plant in Canada or the USA.  The economics simply don't add up.  This high material cost product and relatively low engineered system is a prime candidate for offshore machine manufacturing.

My guess is that in 5 years you will see more forming machines manufactured from the Far East and more North American companies setting up shop their.


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