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Common corrugated roll forming machine setup


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Corrugated roofing is one of the most common metal roofing products in the world.  Its trademark profile, the sinusoidal wave, is recognized on every continent.  The versatility of the metal profile has found uses both in commercial building and construction applications as well residential uses. 

Common uses for corrugated metal roofing manufactured by roll formers

  1. Building walls such as warehouses, factory facilities, portable offices
  2. Car port roofs, garage and garden sheds
  3. Low cost housing developments roofing and siding installations
  4. Architectural details 

Benefits of rollforming corrugated sheet metal

corrugated panel roll formerThe main reason this metal roofing material has gained so much popularity has been its relatively low cost.  Compared to other roofing materials the metal roof provides a cheaper alternative and a longer life.  When roll forming corrugated steel roofing building suppliers can realize significant cost benefits over metal stamping as an example.  Once configured the forming mill can produce at high speeds roof panel on a 24/7 operational schedule.  Combining material handling automation fabricators can further increase production through-puts and see an increase in per-part margins.

Multiple profiles with rafted (cassette) tooling delivery increased flexibility

Although the corrugated panel profile is almost always the same there are some variations to the trademark sine wave.  In order to produce these different profiles new roll tooling is required.  In particular the corrugated panel has many individual roll tools for each profile.  The cost to change over from one profile shape to another is very expensive when you consider the number of rolls that must be changed as well the setup time to recalibrate the line.  Having separate rafts for each profile reduces turn over time, setup costs and improves part quality.

Standard components in a corrugated panel roll forming line

The most common setup used to roll form sheet metal in to roofing panels includes the following components.

  • Coil car
  • Uncoiler / decoiler
  • Straightener / flattener
  • Cold roll forming mill
  • Cut off press (optional flying cut off press)
  • Panel stacker

This basic setup is capable of continuous production of sheet metal roofing, specifically the corrugated profile.  To find out more contact us today.


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