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Sheet metal coil slitting equipmentCoil slitting is the process of reducing large master coils in to smaller job specific steel coils.  The basic process is commonly used in the cold forming process where rolling mills are used.  In today’s highly competitive world having the capabilities to produce almost any profile width on the fly or with little to no cost gives fabricators a leg up over the competition.

Cut to length coil slitting equipment

Many operations will rely heavily on the coil slitting machinery in order to feed multiple production lines.  Having a well-built machine coupled with integrated automation tools will ensure low maintenance costs and peak operating performance.

Top features of steel coil slitting machines

  • Quick changeover speeds
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • High accuracy cuts
  • Re-coiling function
  • Interchangeable drums
  • Automation software connections

Having the right features and automation connection will help rollforming fabricators meet market demands through easy changeovers and first to market capabilities.

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